2 Short Moral Stories for Kids in English

Short Moral Stories For Kids 

Moral Stories plays important role in the life of all the childrens. Many moral stories are so much interesting and learning for students. This makes the students to have good habits in their life and don't do any wrong works in whole life.

So for all the childrens who wants to learn good habits. Today I am going to tell you 2 short moral stories with their morals also.  I hope you all will like it so lets start with first one.

1. Speak thoughtfully

Once upon a time, there used to be a priest in a village. A person lived in front of Priest's house. The person was always condemning his neighbor. 

Later, when he realized. his mistake, he went to the priest.

And started apologizing. Hearing this, the priest asked him to bring a wing full of wings and pour it in the middle of the city.

The person did the same after listening to the pastor and came back to the pastor.

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Moral Stories for Kids 

Hearing that person, the pastor told him to go and bring back a bag full of feathers.

The man hesitated a little, but when the pastor said so, he tried to bring back the wings After a lot of effort, he could not fill all the wings in the bag because all the wings flew around. 

When he reached the priest with a bag of half-filled wings, the pastor told him that the same thing applies in our lives.

Just as you could not bring back all the wings, in the same way, you cannot take back even the bad words said to someone, so one should think twice while saying bad.

Just as the arrow coming out of the bow cannot return, in the same way, wrong words cannot be returned to anyone, that is why we should always speak good things to others.  No one should be ridiculed.

Moral:-Friends have been seen many times that the conversations parents have with children build their future. 

So before saying anything from home to friends, definitely think once Therefore, if you speak carefully, you will always be in profit. 

And started thinking that now this rat will not be afraid of any animal.

2.The Sage and a Rat

A sage lived in a dense forest. A rat had been living in his ashram for many days. This rat loved the sage very much. 

Whenever he used to chant, he kept listening intently to his chants. 

Even he started worshiping the Lord. But he was frightened by the dog cat eagle crows.

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Once, the sage was kind to the rat. He started thinking that how scared is this mouse all the time? Why not be made Lion?

 So that it can move bravely everywhere without fear. That sage was a knower of divine power.

 The sage, on the strength of his divine power, made that rat a lion. And can roam the entire forest without fear.

But when the rat became a lion, all his thinking changed. He began to roam the entire forest fearlessly, all the animals were afraid. 

He started cheering but the sage knew that he was only a mouse and not a lion.

The sage treated him as a mouse only. It did not like the rat to think of someone as a mouse and treat him like a mouse. 

The rat thought that this would reduce my respect and other animals would not be afraid of me more

So the rat thought that these sages should be killed so that there would be no bamboo and no flute.

Thinking this, he went to kill the sage. As soon as the sage saw the rat coming towards him angrily in the form of a lion, he understood everything and he got very angry on that rat.

So, to break his pride, on the strength of his goddess Shakti, the sage again made that lion a mouse.

Moral:- Friends, we should never harm our benefactor no matter how powerful we become. We should never forget oust.


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