Story for kids on plant a tree and make a friend

Story For Kids --- Plant A Tree Make A Friend

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It was a rainy day of Sunday. Tanu's father brought four saplings of Jamun and Jascaranda from the Greenfinger Nursery which is near to his house. With a spade, he dug four pits in the garden. Tanu planted the saplings in these pits. Mother levelled the soil around with a hoe. Then she sprayed some water from a watering can.

 "How will they grow without food?" Tanu asked her father. Father said that plants make their own food by a process named photosynthesis. 

"But how?" Tanu sounded curious. 

"These roots collect water from soil. The leaves catch sunshine during the day. They use these to make food in the leaf factory," explained his Father. 

"And why do we plant trees?" Asked Tanu. 

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"Because", said Father, " A world without trees would be a dead world. Trees are our best friends." Tanu sat on the steps of her house and thought about 'dead world' and 'best friends'. 

What did these words mean? How can trees be best friends? And how can the world die without trees?

 Just then her grandmother came and sat next to her. Tanu told her everything. Grandmother told her the story of the glass tree.
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 Long, long ago there was a man called Tamal who had a Champaka tree. It was the home to all kinds of birds-hoopes, mynahs, sparrows, owls and rose-ringed parakeets. 

A monkey family used its branches as their watch tower. There was a beehive as well. The honey from the hive had the fragrance of this Champaka flowers. At times, one could see a squirrel peeping out of a hole in the tree. Children used to climb it and swing merrily from its branches. 

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But one day, a stranger came and said to Tamal, Your tree is old. It will die one day. I can build you a beautiful glass tree. It will never grow old. Tamal liked idea and said All right to the stranger. 

The stranger bought his axe. Soon the old tree came crashing down. Nests with little eggs and chicks tumbled down. Birds and animals fled helter-skelter. 
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Soon the stranger began working on his tree. He brought many small pieces of coloured glass. With great care, he shaped the roots and a tall trunk. The branches came next. For the leaves and flowers, he used green and white glass. Two years went by. The tree glittered in the Sun. The colours of sunrise and sunset filtered through the leaves. People came from far and near to see his tree. The tree was beautiful but its flowers had no fragrance. Its glittering, glossy nests had no birds. No squirrel ever came near it. No children climbed its branches. There was no honey in the beehive. Tamal was a sad, sad man. 

As grandmother's story came to an end, Tanu clapped her hands.

 "O great!" She said. "Soon we'll "

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