Essay on Nelson Mandela

Short Essay on Nelson Mandela

He spent 27 years of his life in prison and that too, in one of most terrible places in the world. Many people had spent their loves in the confinement but to come out of it with your principles intact, it is an entirely different story. It is the story of the Nelson Mandela.
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 It's surprising to note that he had once supported violence as an answer to all issues in South Africa, but later emerged as a nation-builder on the foundations of non-violence. He served as the President Of South Africa from 1994-1999.

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Nelson Mandela was born as Rolihalahla Mandela on 18 July 1918 on the village of Mvezo in South Africa. 'Rolihlahla' literally means pulling the branch of tree or troublemaker in the native Xhosa language.

He become the first member of his family to attend school. He then enrolled at Fort Hare University for B.A. But he was forced to leave collage for leading a student protest against the university's policies.
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 Mandela's political journey began with African National Congress (ANC),after the election of pro-apartheid National Party in 1948.

Mandela developed ANC's Defiance Campaign and Congress of people in 1955. In 1961, held ANC's armed wing. He was arrested in 1962 and sentenced in 1964.

He was to spend 27 years in prison and 18 of them in more hostile conditions at Robben Island. He was released in 1990 owing to mounting international pressure.

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 In 1994, the country first election incorporating both the Blacks and Whites were held. ANC triumphed and Mandela was inducted as the country's first Black President.

He played an important role in advocating trial of suspects in Pan Am Flight Bombing. He retired in 1999 and dedicated the rest of his life to social causes. 
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On 5 December 2013 he passed away aged 95 at his home Johannesburg. In centuries to come, he will be a source of inspiration and courage under difficult conditions. He stood up to an unfair system and garnered support from all over the world.

Nelson Mandela was awarded by the nobel prize in the year 1993.

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Other honours included Order of Merit and Presidential Medal of freedom.

In describing his life Mandela said : " I was not a messiah, but an ordinary man who had become a leader because of extraordinary circumstances. " He was a leader in the true sense, who led an example and lived for his countrymen.
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