Inspiring and Motivational Essay on Helen Keller

Essay on Helen Keller

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Born on 27 June 1880 in Tuscumbia, USA daughter of captain Arthur Henley Keller and Kate Adams Keller she was born with full sight and hearing.

The family lived in a house. Ivy Green that was built decades ago by her grandfather. She had two younger siblings and two older half brother.

 They were leading a quiet life. But this was soon going to be short lived.

The doctors of that time called it 'brain fever', while today's doctors think it may have been scarlet fever or meningitis. Whatever the illness.

Helen was expected to die. When eventually the fever subsided, Helen's family was beloved that their daughters was well again.
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 However, Helen's mother soon noticed that her daughter failed to respond when the dinner bell rang or when she passed her hand in front of her daughter's eyes.

Helen become a very difficult child, smashing dishes, lamps and terrorising the household with her screaming and temper tantrums.

Relatives regarded her as a monster and said that she should be put into an inspiration.

So her mother travelled to a specialist doctor to advice. They were given confirmation that Helen could never see or hear again.

But the doctor beloved that Helen could be taught and he advised them to visit a local expert on the problems of the dumb children.

The expert is not anyone else but telephone inventer Graham Bell.
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Bell suggested that the Keller's write to Michael Anagnos, Director of the Perkins Institution and Massachusetts Asylum for the Blind and request him for another teacher.

He considered Helen's case and immediately recommended a former pupil of the institution Anne Sullivan.

On 3 March 1887 Anne met Helen Keller for the first time. Anne immediately started teaching Helen to finger spell.

 The next word she taught Helen was a 'Cake'. What frustrated her was that every object had a unique word for it.

When Anne was teaching her the word mug, Keller broke the doll in a rage.
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 Anne and Helen then moved into small a cottage on the mainland house to try and get Helen to improve her behavior; of particular concern were Helen's table manners.

She had taken to eating with her hands and from the plates of everyone on the table. Over the coming weeks, however, Helen's behaviour did begin to improve as a bond grew between two.

 When Anne led to the water pump on 5 April 1887 a drastic change occurred. As the cool stream gushed into Helen's one hand, Anne slowly spelled the world 'water' on 'Helen's hand'. Helen suddenly felt that the mystery of the language was revealed to her.

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 Helen's progress from then on was astonishing. Soon, she could write with both ordinary and braille typewriters.

Helen had now become a phenomenon to reckon with.

Her next achievement which brought her laurels from all over the world was when she moved to the Cambridge school for young ladies in 1896 and in autumn of 1900 entered the Radcliffe collage becoming the firs deaf and blind person to have ever enrolled at the institution of higher learning.

In 1904, Helen graduated from the collage becoming the first deaf-blind person to have a Bachelor's degree. 

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She was an advocate for people with disabilities. In1915 she and George Kessler founded Helen Keller International (HKI) organisation.

This organisation undertakes research in vision, health and nutrition. She also helped in the foundation of American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) in 1940.

She was a member of the Socialist party and supported the working class. 

She published 12 books and several articles. One of her earliest writings, was 'The Frost King', which she wrote when she was only 11 years old.

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 During her collage time Helen also started working on her first book 'The story Of my Life,' which later became a classic.

After his success , Helen and Anne went on lecture tours through the world speaking on their experiences. In 1908 she wrote 'The World I Live in'. Her essay series on socialism, 'Out of the Dark' was published in 1913.

Her special autobiography, 'My Religion' was published in 1927 and revised edition , right in My darkness came out in 1914. 

Today Helen's final resting place is a popular tourist attraction. Her life has inspired many. In 1962 , the play 'The Miracle Worker' was made into a film and was a phenomenal success.

More recently India , the film 'Black' was made on her life. Her achievement and admiration prompt us to ask the question what else could somebody desire from life?

It's so true that some of the best things on the world can't be seen or touched, they can only be felt with the heart.

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